Mathew Schwinn, President As an elite NCAA athlete and Olympic Trials participant, Eccentrixx’ President, Mathew Schwinn, knows what it takes to compete at the highest levels of sports.  One of the most focused lifters in any weight room, Mathew was always in search of the more productive workout.   Free weights clearly provided the greatest gains.  But, his frustrations with free weights were the lack of measurable feedback, and the safe availability of more demanding exercises.  While still in college, he began designing versions of a weight room robot.   This robot would use  light sensors to track, assess. and provide the speed of his barbell.  The  robot would also be powerful enough to continually position a fully loaded bar to allow multiple repetitions of the most challenging lifts.  His favorites; the Eccentric Squat and the explosive overhead Jerk.  With the help of an equally elite engineering team from his home town, Mathew Schwinn built the first version of his spotting robot in 2006.  In the summer of 2010, Mathew and Eccentrixx will introduce The ARES 1200 for sale around the world.  Eccentrixx became an LLC in 2008. Jon Skreen, VP of Engineering, leads the Eccentrixx Build Team Jon Skreen, VP of Engineering, leads the Eccentrixx’ three man production team.  This Eccentrixx team has a combined 85 years of experience designing and building special, one of a kind solutions for industrial manufacturing and production.  Their long standing customers are North America’s most demanding companies representing, Timber, Mining, Agriculture & Aerospace. When Mathew Schwinn, President of Eccentrixx, approached these experts, an inspiring partnership was formed.  The collaboration is known today as “Eccentrixx; Custom builders of the most powerful fitness machines in the world”. Craig Fouhy and Kimb Fouhy, Eccentrixx Creative Team Craig and Kimb bring a combined 40 years of experience to Eccentrixx in Video Production, Art Direction, Sports Journalism, and Athletic Business Management.  For over a decade, Craig Fouhy has served as the Director of Sports for a Major Network Affiliate.  As co- owners of Light Star Media Group, Craig and Kimb are successfully focusing an international spotlight on Eccentrixx and ARES.